Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm super duper excited for Immersion. It's gonna be a good respite. I need one. We all need one from all the shit that's been happening.

I'm going on immersion this weekend in Quezon. We'll live in a Fishing Community. We're going to fish! I'm really excited. It's gonna be fun especially because I'm going to be with people I love. Though, the other groups seem to be composed of big brats. I hope they're not. It's gonna be irritating to live with them if so.

This semester is really heavy, not because it's difficult, because everyone's just really lazzzzzzzzzy.

I'm not gonna worry about anything during immersion. I'm gonna forget everything and enjoy the experience. Though, when we get back to Manila on Sunday, the week's gonna be crazy. Eff thesis.

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