Sunday, December 28, 2008

Break’s Over for Me

I need to go back to the school mode again. There’s so much to do for school. Domdom just sent us the HW. Damn. I have no idea how to use Excel Data Analysis again. Actually, I’m not even sure if I need to use Excel to do it. Argh.

I also promised 2 professors that I’ll study over the break. Templo was complaining before the break began that no one will study over the break. I joked: “Mag-aaral na nga ako.” She heard me and gave me a salute. The photocopied readings’ worth 120php, go figure how many pages that is. Also, Sir George was also complaining that we won’t do our DS project over the break, “Class, you won’t do it over the break, right?” Being the joker that I am, I shouted “Wrong!” He gave me a high-five. Now, I have to fulfill these “promises.”

Furthermore, YES is having a logistical problem. I don’t think we can actually get 250 people to fill the Leong Auditorium. We were expecting 120 for heaven’s sake. Fart. Now, we need 250. I’m planning to use my HS “contacts” to fill Leong. I’m going to AHS as soon as classes start to persuade the TD/Eco teachers there to give incentives or require their students to go. I hope it works.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Never Learn

I've been trying to look back through 2008. I've been keeping this journal (fine, "diary") so I can remember what I did everyday. And sometimes, when I'm extra reflective, I leave small notes for my future self. Small notes and lessons that I should remember from what happened that particular day (e.g. "don't allow anger to consume you, PRAY!", "It's hard to expect for things that never come", etc)

I must say... I keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Maybe this can be a good new year's resolution.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I was surprised by a gift from a friend. I didn't expect that at all. We were only supposed to meet up so I can give her the money she needs to buy the tokens of appreciation for a project. "Ang dami mo namang dala?", i even asked her. Then she gave me her gift. I was apprehensive and shy as I accepted it.

I feel really appreciated. Babaw. hahaha. She doesn't really talk and i wasn't certain if we have a connection whatsoever. And the gift is like her token of appreciation for me. Chos. hahaha

See? "Unannounced" and "unexpected" gifts are accepted better.

Thanks dear.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Xmas vacation is soooo near. Unlike most people, I don't have a single test before the break so I am so in vacation mode already. Though, I am not as excited about the break as I usually am because I have nothing relevant to do over the break, I am thankful for the respite.

These are the classes I have left for the year:

2 Philo
1 Dev't Eco
1 Social Marketing
0 Econometrics.

Tomorrow, I only have 1 class and it's my 6-9pm, which is so cuttable. I wanna cut but I won't. I don't know why but I actually prefer to be at school than home. Odd.

Thursday is not so cuttable. Dev't Eco in the morning. Then, 9 and a half hours of free time. Then, philo. Though, i don't want to go to Dev't Eco because she will give out donuts and I am so sure that she will joke about me, my weight, and the donuts. Damn that woman.

I don't have class on Friday anymore BUT I'll be in school because we'll have our block Xmas thingy. I hope it pushes through.

Welcome Back

I got a call from a friend last night. This friend just came back here last Sunday for a vacation. He's studying in Princeton. NERD. Joke. I didn't want to answer it. I was too sleepy to pick it up. He texted a few minutes later. He wanted to meet me for lunch. I agreed to meet him 12nn in front of the caf.

12nn came. He wasn't there. He was late; 20 minutes late! Argh. I thought he wouldn't be late. Good thing my daughters accompanied me while I was waiting for him.

The usual things happened: kumustahan, reflecting back on HS, talking about stuff, blah. But no, this geek (what do you expect? birds of the same feather, flock together) took him away. hahaha It's okay. I had class already.

I hope to spend more time with him before he leaves for the States again. I really enjoyed this day. I just realized how much I miss all of his antics and the noise he produces when he laughs so hard. hahaha

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Bad, I lost my USB again. This is like the 3rd time I've lost a USB. This sucks. Fudge.

Worse, the SRD (Statement of Reciepts and Disbursements) of AEA for the 1st sem is there. And that's the only copy I have left. Fudge. I am not sure if I can ask copy from OSA.

Worst, we need a copy of the 1st sem SRD to fulfill the YES Report for OSA. Every YES report is graded by OSA.

Without the my USB, there will be no SRD, which will lead to a low grade for AEA in the YES Report.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I gave out my Xmas gifts yday after the GA. Forgive me for the waleyness of the GA. We weren't prepared to host. I've learned my lesson already. haha I hope you all like my gift.

Anyhoo, a lot messaged me about how cute my gift was and blah. But nobody told me that they were famous. Thanks to the one who informed me of who they were. Cuteness. Kawaii.

Monokuroboo! Supposedly, monokuro stands for monochrome because the designed of these cute-little-pigs believed that not all kawaii things are colored. And the boo stands for oink. Who knew that oink in Japanese is "boo"? Hahaha.



My blockmate texted me early in the morning if I was going to Matteo to hangout. She was probably feeling lonely. She told me a lot of things today. I never expected her to tell me so much about her love life. She's not like that usually. In the end, we concluded that, in general, life (not just love life) could be so damn easier if people are actually honest enough to tell others how they feel or think about something. There's always a proper way of saying the truth. And saying the truth is the best thing you can say.

I couldn't agree more.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Right after the GA yesterday, I started to feel different. I couldn't but feel the way I felt. It was just my shallowness attacking. If I chose not to do that, I could have spared me from the frustration. I shall not elaborate. That was 6pm. I went to class with a heavy heart. I don't remember a single thing that my professor blabbered about for 3 hours. My mind was somewhere else.

I stayed in school until 9:40pm just so when i get home I'd be so tired that I'd go straight to bed. I needed time to think and reflect. Just as expected, I got home and went straight to bed. I wanted to sleep my thoughts over so I won't think about them anymore but I can't escape from them. I woke up 12mn with a sigh. I didn't want to wake up because I knew I'd just mess up with my mind. And so i did, mess with my mind. I slept at around 4am.

4 hours of thinking about the present and how afraid I am of the future.
4 hours of frustration.
4 hours of sighs and arghs.
4 hours of causing myself agony.
4 hours of thinking about it.

Woke up 6am today. Still, my thoughts are bothering me. I want to escape them but how do i actually escape myself? It is I that is causing me agony. It is I that I should conquer.


There. For everyone who waited for it to happen, bati na kami.
BUT, never hug mode again... ever.
It took me two months to muster the courage (and sanity) to talk to her.
I hope we don't fight again.
I just realized how much time (my time) I wasted on thinking about my frustration/ anger towards her. Fart. haha

The last thing I told her was I wanna know everything she has ever told against me because sooner of later I will know. She said nothing more. I hope she meant it because we'll just keep on fighting if I find out anything again.

Peace. For Now.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Metrics Quiz

Well, not really a quiz, but a seat work, which is equivalent to a quiz- not just any quiz; a 40-pt quiz. Argh. I didn't expect it to be that hard. I swear. Argh.

Domdom didn't go to class so she sent one of her friends. He said it was going to be easy. We could do it in 15 mins daw. SIR, you're taking up grad studies! OKAY? I finished in an hour. We were allowed to open our notes pa ha. Argh. I studied Hypothesis testing... BUT no, the quiz was about parameter testing and ANOVA. Argh.

After the quiz, my blockmate and I were shouting out of joy. We had the same freaking answer. Beta 2 is 27.125 and Beta 1 is 1.66. Turns out we used the same wrong "formula." Good job. I'll still keep my hopes high that we actually used the correct one and they used the wrong one. Hahaha.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I had lunch with my blockmate. On our way out of the library to get lunch, we were pleasantly surprised to see a friend. He just came home last Saturday from JTA in Singapore. Lots of stories were exchanged. Yay. JTA friends are finally coming back.

I can't wait for the one in Japan. I miss him so much.


I'm just reactive. I respond to how you act.

If you're sad, most likely, I will be too.
If you greet me with a huge smile, I may even hug you out of joy.
If you act like you don't want to see me, as much as it hurts, I'll try avoid you, even though I don't want to. I believe that distance and space is key. But I know I can't.
If you talk to me, I'll talk more.
If you wanna remain awkward, there's nothing I can do. I don't know how to "cure" it. I just hope it gets better because it saddens me.

Please. Don't let this happen just because of that. I don't want us to remain awkward because I do not know how to respond.

I believe this will strengthen our friendship but, right now, this is causing me distress. Argh.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cutting Class

Cutting class is now a vice.

And the class i love to cut is... Philo. Surprising, for most. I loved Philo last sem. It was my stellar a.k.a. QPI saver class. But this sem, Philo has become boring and redundant. And the urge to play Rock Band with friends is too strong. hahaha

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I tried to paint you, but the colors weren't beautiful enough.

Joke. haha

I tried to paint for the Sparkle banner. God, I suck at painting. Though, I enjoyed it because it's been quite some time since I've done art/ crafts.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This Will Be A Busy Day

Stress. I swear. haha *I hate saying "I swear" but I can't stop it!!*

9:30am- 11:30am:
Teach/ study with my blockmate Metrics
Have tarp for Strains Clirel Week printed
Go to IAC to ask for Frisbee referee for Kythe Week

Prepare for Metrics/ Alone time


Lunch with Blockmates/ make YES emailer

YES Quizbee Meeting/ Sparkle Banner Meeting

AEA Execom Meeting
YES Ads Photoshoot
Strains General Leadership Assessment Module GA

Social Marketing Class

I'll be in school for exactly 12hours. Headache.
How will I divide myself? Hahaha. Kere 'to.

Rock Band Fever

I'm itching to play Rock band. I played last thursday and monday. I had a great time. I even cut Philo just to play. HAHA

I wanna play Rock Band!! Game?