Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm sick. I don't feel well. I hate it!

I only had a sore throat yesterday. It was uncomfortable but it was fine. I slept by 10.30pm yesterday! It was an obvious sign that I was sick! I usually sleep 3am(?) recently.

Today, i woke up with a fever. Boooo. So not fun! I had to ditch a family trip and stay at home coz I felt sick and lazy. Boooo.

Oddly, I want sweets. I am craving for anything sweet. My mouth just feels wrong! But i can't have sweets coz it'll make my sore throat worse. I hate being sick!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Impacting Lives

I was at school yesterday to meet up with some friends.

I was walking along the cafeteria when some stranger approached me. It was apparent that he was one of those ANI kids. There were a lot of them yesterday.

"Kuya Kris!"

I look around. I see him. I do not recognize him.

"Naaalala mo pa ba ako?", he asked.

"Ummmmm.. Hindi. San kita nakilala?"

"TD kid niyo po ako."

WOW. He introduced himself. I still don't remember him. Supposedly, he was one of my kids during TD Summer. He was Grade 5 back then. He's now a Junior in HS. I asked him how he was without really remembering who he was.

We parted ways and I tried to recall who he was. I finally did a few minutes later. He was that kid I usually picked on daily back then because his Math skills was a little behind. HAHAHAHA Sama!

It amazes me that he still remembers me. It feels good that I actually made an impact in his life that he still remembers me. I hope the same thing is true to those around me now.

Monday, May 17, 2010


At times...

Part of me wants you, part of me don't.
Part of me is missing you, part of me is gone.
Part of me is saying that the love is still strong,
Part of me is letting go.

So even though I left you
I can't forget you.
When I think about you
It's bittersweet.
Guess I'll always love you.

It's bittersweet.

It's a song, okay? Nuff said.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Block "Reunion"

Last night was the first time we've seen each other since Graduation. Though, I've seen some of them over summer for lunches/dinners, it was really a happy night.

Since I wanted to avoid Makati traffic and congestion, I went to there early at around 6pm. I met up with one of them who was off early too. We just went around Glorietta to let time pass. An hour or so later, more of my blockmates came.

It was undeniable that we missed each other. I actually saw how people's face lit up when we saw each other. Smiles were huge. Hugs were exchanged. It was a genuine moment of happiness. HAHA Emo?

We had dinner at Greenbelt and reminisced about college. It was more like remembering the stupid moments in college so we can mock each other. HAHA We were also trying to fix an out of town trip for the coming weekend. We finished dinner by 10.30pm.

We went to Eastwood to have some drinks but ended up playing bowling. I didn't know that the lanes were open til 2am(?)! They had a dj and drinks there too. And complete with disco lights and glow in the dark pins and balls. Coolness. I really had fun bowling though I totally sucked at it.

When I heard that one of my blockmates was sleeping over at another's house, I immediately called up my mom and asked permission to sleepover too. She agreed. Yipee! We left the lanes at 2am, i think.

We went to our blockmates house and just waited for time to pass. We talked about how friendships and the future. It was emo but very cathartic. HAHA By 6am, we left the house to have breakfast. By 7am, we were on our separate ways.

Ugh. I had so much fun!! I hope our plans for next week realize!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Got the Job?

The question mark is for the slight doubt in me that I did. HAHA Let me explain why.

Two weeks ago, I got a call from Hewlett Packard. I didn't expect the call at all. I had my initial phone interview 3(?) weeks prior that. I just submitted my resume because a blockmate posted the email add of an HR person in our block yahoogroups. HP was a fallback.

Anyhoo, I did the interview two weeks ago. I did well. I was really friendly with the interviewer. I thought she was from HR. I found out after the interview that she was gonna be my boss, if I get the job. She's a chem double major from Ateneo. I even asked during the interview "Ummmm, why are you in HR? You're chem? o.O" HAHHA Stupid me.

Early this morning, I emailed the HR person coz my supposed boss told me to follow-up after two week. The HR person replied in the afternoon:

"You have passed the interview. Please wait for the call of HR regarding your application. Your papers are with them already and they star processing it."

So, for me it's not clear. HAHA My first face-to-face interview is supposed to be the last interview. It was a Fit interview. The boss will just check if you fit his/her team. But, if you don't fit his team, he'll forward you to another boss and so on. What if the HR person meant that I'm still in the pool and I'd just be forwarded? OR am I just over thinking?! HAHAHAHA I'm just not yet that comfortable to spread the news of my "job" yet but my friends are. It's all over ym and facebook. Not good if i didn't get the job pala! HAHAHAHAHA

I think I got the job already. I'm just waiting for the job offer. I hope it's good.So, there, I'm no longer a bum? Oh wait, I still am. I'd probably start working by June. I have a few more weeks of bumhood.

It feels good to have a "clearer" picture of your future.

Thank God!

Monday, May 10, 2010

YM etiquette

As you may know already, I’m forever invisible in YM. I’m only visible when I have to be and/or when I need to make a statement stat a.k.a. “parinig.” I just don’t like to be bothered by people that I am not close to. I just find it awkward trying to sustain the conversation. I just want to be bothered by people whom I like: people who know that I’m always invi.
Here are things that I notice about my relationship with YM:
1. I hate people who reply slowly.
2. I wanna be the the priority convo. HAHAHA Don’t talk to anybody else when you’re talking to me coz this leads to slow replies. And I just hate the feeling of not being the priority. HAHA Conceited much.
3. As much as I can, I try to talk to people one at a time. It makes the experience more pleasurable.
4. I love receiving “are you there?” and “invi?” messages.
5. If I don’t reply in YM, message me on FB! I don’t linger in YM.
6. I don’t like occasional invi people! HAHAHA I’m invi. You’re invi. How will I know you’re there? And it’s hard to look for people’s names in the contact list.
7. I hate trying to sustain conversations.
8. I don’t know how to say goodbye properly. Sometimes I make up things just so I can go ahead. Sometimes I’m just blunt and say “Okay. This convo is getting contrived! Talk to you soon!” Or sometimes I just don’t reply anymore. But I hate doing that to people who are really courteous and say goodbye properly.
9. I don’t know when “away”, “busy”, and “DND” are for real so I totally disregard them if I really like the person I’m going to talk to.
10. For some reason, people reply less when you have conferences. And I always end up being the one who tries to sustain it, which I hate.
11. YM group meeting never work. At least, I’m done with this. HAHA
12. A “haha” reply with nothing accompanying it is a sign of dying/ dead convo.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


To got corpo or not corpo, that is the question. BV. I entertained the idea of not going corpo again. I dunno why I keep on doing this. I dunno but I just feel like not going corpo is my calling. By not going corpo, it means a whole lot of things, okay?

If I got corpo, the money is there. If i don't go corpo, the happiness is there. BUT, money can buy me happiness. HAHAHA I am so torn. My heart tells me to not go corpo but my gut is telling me to go corpo.I know my parents won't like (not necessarily disapprove) if I ever don't go corpo.

Oh Wedenesday, be nice to me. Give me the job. Send me all the good vibes this week. God, bless me with all the powers. HAHA

I'm just waiting for whichever comes first.

Friday, May 7, 2010


This is what this blog is all about, according to wordle. I agree.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I've been feeling positive the whole week. Oddly enough, I haven't gone out of the house since Sunday. I think I'm going nuts. HAHA. I'm too lazy to go out.

Anyhoo, yes, I've been feeling positive lately. There just seems to be so much to look forward to and be excited about. This is weird. haha

1. Relationships
Friends have been great. I feel like those that I love the most are sticking up with me. We may not see each other anymore as frequently as before but they're exerting effort to communicate. I am, too. Relationships with friends just seems so healthy. Though, I miss them terribly.

2. Family
I haven't been this close to my cousins ever. Thank Facebook or thank the baby. Yes, i think the baby has been reason enough for us to see each other. I've spent the past 3 of 4 weekends with them. And it feels like we're on the same page for some reason. We actually send messages now and shit. Well, as some of you know, I'm very, very, very quiet at home. I rarely talk. So when we have family gatherings, I'm usual quiet. However, things are changing. And it seems like I'm the star of the show. Joke! hahaha

3. Baby # 2
One of my cousins is pregnant and will give birth in 2 months. I'm excited for another baby! I love playing with babies. Super fun. However, she's gonna give birth in Marikina. HAHAHA I've been mocking my blockmates about Marikina because "it's so provincial." All of my cousins and I were born in Makati. It's weird that she gonna give birth in Marikina. But the baby daddy's decision is for my cousin to give birth there. Anyway, they say it's a good hospital. Haha My issues are so superficial! HAHAHA

4. American Twang
My cousins/pamangkins from the States are coming home next month. Due to the recession, they won't stay in a hotel anymore. HAHA Joke! They're gonna live with us for a month. No problemo. We have space. haha. I'm really excited to see one of them. I'm really close to her. We've been emailing each other since her last visit. I got an email last week asking what I wanted from the States. I said that I didn't want anything. I have a lot of things in mind but she's 13. She doesn't have money. Never mind! hahaha Though, she threatened me that she will "bug me by emailing me constantly until I tell her what I want." Cute!

5. Job Offer
I've been anxiously waiting for my job offer from the company I want. C'mon please. HAHA They told me to wait for 2 weeks. It's been a week and a day since then. And I'm super anxious already. I have to wait for another 6 days. Please get me! I'll be worth every penny!!!

God, give me this one! :D

Oh. I just can't help but smile! Ako na ang thinking positive.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Miss You

I haven't really been emo lately. And, no, i don't think this is an emo post. HAHA

I just miss all of you. My heart sank when I saw a picture of us. It reminded me so much of you. I miss you. That pictured trigged this.

Facebook/ Ym isn't just enough! HAHA

But, i know, this is just a phase. Once I start to get busy, I start to forget. I start to move forward. An opportunity that I like seems plausible right now. I, hopefully, have work by next week. Give me a good job offer!!!

This one seems to be the right one right now. I hope they get me! It just feels right. I have asked permission already from my mom that if they get me, I'd sign immediately. They agreed! Yay! For more, for some reason, I have already told my cousins and aunts that I'd love to work there. And everybody seems okay with it.

Please give me a good job offer. Please give me a job! HAHA

I need a distraction. Joke!