Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It's been 6 months. By Thursday, my contract with our "company" ends.

God only knows how much I hated work in my first few months. I'd always leave by 5pm sharp. I felt so awkward at work. I was an imp in the company of angels. Literally. Lunch would be about poverty, our communities, our workers, poverty, the poor, poverty, quality of life of the poor, poverty, poverty... These aren't topics I'm used to. My boss would always ask me my opinion about such things and I felt very awkward around her. Very.

Eventually, as our office and my appreciation for the work we do grew, I enjoyed it more and more. "Para kanino ka bumabangon?" Honestly, I wake up for work. I look forward to work everyday. Everyday. When I feel tired and lazy to get up, I just think of how much joy work brings me and how many lives we touch. And I'd get up with a smile. I used to do it for the money. Now, I do it for the experience more than anything.

I've been "sad" the past week because I knew that my stay at the office is coming an end... I love my officemates. We're just at the point of building strong friendships. They've been telling me that Tita would certainly not let go of me. But, hello, the fact remains that I have nothing to do in the office anymore. HAHA As in, nothing. I've done my part already.

Do you remember how awesome Tita is?

Today, one of my officemates was hinting something. I knew something was up. Tita called me to her room. We talked about poverty and one of our communities. Nothing unusual. Then, she opened up about my contract. Ummmm, she offered me to go part-time. What will I do? I have no freaking idea. She said something about "technical support." I would troubleshoot the program we use in the office when the need arises. Ummm, when would that need come? We both know I know nothing about that. She just really wanted me to stay with the team so I can grow more as a person and so I can maintain my friendship with them team. She even made sure that my work schedule would coincide with my classes so I don't have to go there on days when I don't have class.

The offer is still up in the air. I don't know if I should take it. I just want to thank Tita for being soooooo awesome. She's basically willing to give me allowance? That's how I see it.


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