Wednesday, April 20, 2011


That's what we call our boss. Yes, we're weird that way. HAHA Our salary, we call it "allowance." She brings us lunch everyday. Often, she brings us cupcakes and pastries for merienda. Sometimes, when we work late, she even buys food for us.

I can't believe how awesome this person is. We are all in awe of her. Seriously.

Tita came from a old-rich family. Her husband, Tito, practically owns Bukidnon. She was part of the first batch of Mgt-H students of the Ateneo. She didn't finish. She went to the States and studied Economics there. Now, she's finishing her thesis for her PhD in Clinical Psych. They live in Forbes. They donated a building in the Ateneo. She is incredibly religious. Her two sons are on their way to become priests. Her daughter is a Theologian. None of these she told us, we just googled them. HAHAHA

Recently, however, our building (our office is only 2 rented rooms in the building) has been abuzz about a scam. Tita warned us that media might come if they find out where she works. See, Tito is purportedly involved in a scam that has been on the frontpage of the news the past few years. Last week, a plunder case was filed against him. I am absolutely confident that Tito did nothing wrong. Anyhoo, people in the building are supposedly scared of being "assassinated" and that Tita's "8 bodyguards" are bothering them. Hell no. Tita does not have a single bodyguard. I was just so pissed at these people. Clearly, they have no idea who Tita and Tito are.

Tita is the simplest, smartest, and most compassionate person I know. Today, we had a one-on-one meeting about what I've been doing. She was so depressed about the condition of the poor. We talk about the poor everyday. We pray for them frequently. Her whole life is devoted to the poor. They are constantly in her heart.Everyone in the office feels inadequate coz her quality of work puts everyone else's to shame. She knows each and every single detail about of sample villages. Down to how far these GK villages are from the town proper.

I know I'm still not comfortable around Tita. Nangliliit ako.HAHAHA I'm just not up to her level of dedication and I feel as though I'm disappointing her. Being around her just makes me realize how lacking I am. HAHAHA It's such a humbling experience. I can't help but feel that God really led me to work for her. I know. It's weird. I am the opposite of what Tita is. However, I feel that everyday I am around her, I am moving closer to becoming like her. HAHA Tita is really awesome.

To top all of these, she even skypes! Awesome.

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