Sunday, June 28, 2009

Acads Fail

I'm doing so poorly in school. Over the weekend, I tried to catch up and read all what I'm supposed to. I'm about to give up. haha

Pos101 by Ms.Oreta (1030-1130)
Ms. Oreta is motherly and really nice but, I really hate one of her policies: paper-less sem. By paper, I mean, she won't give us a hardcopy of all of the readings. She would send it to us a day or two before the session. Ugh. I hate reading stuff using a comp. I usually end up not reading them. Last Wednesday, we had a quiz and I wasn't able to answer because I wasn't able to read the reading for the session. HAHA

It's all good. I think I'll like this class especially how she would spend 10mins just to check attendance. And, i think, she has a major crush on Randy David. Odd.

Hi166 by Ms. Lacson (1130-1230)
Her wit feels soooooooooo contrived. I dunno if she just trying to be funny or she really is. Gives freaking difficult quizzes. And her readings are disorganized. Farty.

Though, I have a feeling I'll like this class soon. haha

Th151 by Mr. Mendoza (10.30-1200)
BORING as hell. Shit. OMG. Give me a life. And the readings are crazy long.

Ec185.something a.k.a IPE by Beja (1200-1330)
Very interesting class. I like it. Though, I have to read a lot of stuff every session because we have quizzes every session worth 50% of our final grade. But, i feel such a good Econ major thanks to this class. HAHA

Ec185.something aka Capitalist Development by Beja (again) (1330-1500)
SHIT. This class will drive me nuts. I totally don't understand the concepts. It's a Marxist class trying to explain Capitalist Development. OMG. Major headache every session. He said it himself that "we should not worry if we don't understand the concepts." But, Sir, are you crazy? You give us quizzes every session and they make up our entire grade!

Worse, I'm so pressured to ace all the quizzes to get a good grade. I failed the 1st one. FART.

Ph103 by Fr. Rasiah (1500-1630)

Fr. Rasiah is a very witty Indian priest. He explains well, though, can sometimes be rude (in a very funny way). Not too much readings but I am too sabaw already when I arrive in class. This was the first class the I cut this sem because my brain couldn't take it anymore. HAHA

That's my academic life the past two weeks. When I'm not in class, you'll probably find me in the AEA room or in a meeting (which I hate!).

This sem can be easy. I just have to read a lot. DL semester? Can be but really not likely. I hate reading! HAHAHA

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