Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I had a fight with my mom last Monday. It's really petty. She had an appointment with the doctor by 9am. This means we had to leave home by 7.30am. I decided to go to school early and ride with them coz I still had to read stuff for Histo.

We fought because she was so BV early in the morning and so I was. She banged on my door like crazy. I shunned her and tell her to leave already. That's the gist. It really is petty. I commuted that day to school.

By afternoon, she was texting me crazy to try to appease me. I didn't ride with them home coz I drank with some friends. They though I was making drama.

Up to now I'm still not talking to her. I'm trying to push my luck. HAHA

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