Friday, October 9, 2009


People are starting to constantly remind me that I am graduating.

"Paano na ko kung wala ka? Natatakot nga ako e."

"Grabe. Mamimiss kita pag graduate mo."

"For sure, mamimiss mo siya pag gradate mo."

"Ano kayang mangyayari pag wala na kayo?"

BV. I dunno if they are serious or just trying to get me into a Senior Syndrome mode. But, somehow, I am not anxious about it. I am excited. I wanna go out there, finally. Though, I'll really miss a lot of people. I won't miss Ateneo. I will miss everyone in it. But, for sure, I'll get over it.

Yes, I am graduating (in 5 full months.)

Wait, I have to finish thesis first in 3 months. Best thesis award here we come!! HAHAHAHA

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Anonymous said...

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