Monday, October 5, 2009


Today was a day of revelations and I'm just flabbergasted by them. Astonished, up to now.

Well, the first one is a shocker of sorts but this made me really happy. I got a B+ for Histo. My 1st LT was just a C so I'm just really happy that my final grade turned out to be that. Weeeeeeee.

Second, I had lunch with a few blockmates. I can't really reveal what has happened but this was something we expected for a long time already. We knew this would happen but we didn't want it to happen coz tears would be shed.

Anyhoo, some tears were shed over lunch. I won't tell from whom. Such a shame that people actually cry in the cafeteria. Nobody expected those though coz it stems from a totally different topic. This will lead to the 4th revelation.

Third, after lunch I went back to the AEA room. I talked to one of the people there because everyone had their own business but this person. I asked if she was alright. She seemed lonelier than usual.

She started sharing that she feels that she doesn't matter. Hello, same sentiments. Go a few posts back. HAHAHA

I popped an amazing question eventually: "Don't you feel as though people just talk/ notice to you when they're alone and have no one else to talk to?" There it went downhill. The answer was a yes and I think we agree (though not uttered) about whom we're pertaining to. Or not. Really not sure. HAHA

Fourth, some friends and I had a drinking session after a few hours. Just to release a few problems. Yes, a lot of us had problems. Big ones.

I started querying to a friend about one of us there. Somebody seemed quiet and aloof when a topic was raised. And there, KABOOM. The biggest secret of the day was revealed. Sorry, I can't share even though I really want to.

Love is a crazy thing.

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