Saturday, March 13, 2010

Job Hunting

I just wanna share my job hunting experiences. haha

TNS Research

It's a survey and market research shiz. They made me take tests for 5 hours. And told me that they'd schedule me an interview and that i should just wait for their call. No calls yet. BV. I know for sure that I'd pass that series of tests. I don't really wanna work there anyway.

I'm done with the final interview. They told me to wait for a call. I got a call. "Can we invite you for your initial training already?" I said that my last interviewer told me to wait for her call. The one talking to me just said "Oh. Okay. Let's wait for that call." I never got the call. What's up with that? I'm so sure I did well in my final interview. Maybe the 20,000php initial pay that i was asking for threw them off. Or maybe my interviewer, who'll be my boss, if ever, was threatened. Joke. haha

Their HR called me up to invite me for an interview. I said yes but ditched it eventually. They called again. I lied and said that I already have an offer. She told me to reconsider and go to the their interview first coz "the manager really wants to meet you." I went there and just too the test. No calls yet. BV.

Companies that I've ditched: Thompson Reuters, Marina Sales, and Asiawell. I ditched them coz I know I wouldn't wanna work there anyway.

I'm gonna start hunting again. I "rested" for 2 weeks and now I'm back.

KFC this Monday. I hope I get a job already.

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