Monday, March 1, 2010


This sem is a good sem for me, in terms of academics.

The lowest possible i can get here is a B. I'm happy with my B but hopefully I get a B+. It's possible and i'm hoping for it. I had a good prof, Sir Lib. He's really funny and did not stress me out during orals.

The grades have been released already. I'm getting a B+. I hate this class and the prof!

Fr. David is a good. I'm hoping for atleast a B but I don't really know coz he supposedly guesses our grades.

Chinese Film
I'm expecting a A. Of the 4 papers, I've gotten 3 A's already. The 4th paper has yet to be graded. And I have a bonus A paper because I attended a film showing. So sure A! Yay!

I think I'll get a B+. I'd be disappointed if I get a B!

DL sem, i hope.

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