Thursday, March 11, 2010


I miss going to school. I miss being in school. I miss everyone in school.

I am currently a bum. I sleep til 10am and do all sorts of shit til I sleep by 12mn. Most of my time are spent on movies and facebook. I need to do more productive stuff.

I've been trying to apply for jobs the past 2 days. Jobstreet's currently useless for me. I've rejected most of the companies that are listed in jobstreet. Yes, i rejected them. They gave me a call and I pretended that i already have an offer. I did that because I don't want to bother to show up for the interview when I know that I just don't wanna work there. Or work here actually.

Yes, I still want to work abroad. I guess, the bumming around the past week has just fortified my desire to work abroad. I'm just gonna miss the people too much. And I might as well "cut" the ties from now on. I think it's gonna help me. I hope it will.

Oh God, help me find work abroad. HAHA

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