Friday, January 7, 2011


I got a job last Tuesday. I was offered the job after the interview and I started working the following day. It was all too fast. I wasn't prepared so my whole week (acads-wise) has been fucked up!

Anyhoo, work is good, for now. I guess everyone who's new to a job always has this perspective that the work is good. I'm a research assistant for an American-educated Filipina taking her Doctorate in Psychology. I basically arrange her data and files. She's awesome.

Why she's awesome: she babies her research assistant! I love it. I get paid an decent amount. She brings us lunch everyday!! I am so happy about this. HAHA She's partially vegan and yet she brings for us all sorts of viands! Today, we had liempo, chicken afritada, and calamares. To top that, she even brought cake! HAHAHAHA Ako na matakaw. Ang babaw ko shet. We also have a full "panty" of chips, cookies, and soda.

I love the fact that she brings food for us coz that means I don't spend at all everyday!! HAHA I can save moooooooooney since my mom has decided not to give me allowance coz "i'm working already."

She's also really nice. Too nice for my liking though. HAHA Ummmm, not that I don't like nice people but I just feel weird around them. They're really engaged in their research work and she's really doing this to help the country out. It's really noble. I just don't fit in too well, i guess. But, it's been a good influence really. We pray before meals. Prayers that really come from the heart. And today, I went to mass with them. See? Good influence!

And I don't really have much work to do, for now. I constantly find myself on Twitter. I take millions of little breaks to go around campus. I've watched a couple of videos on youtube. I've went out of the office just to stay outside the office. Work isn't that much demanding for now so I really do have a lot of free time.

I'm enjoying work for now. I just have to find balance between work and studies! One need not suffer hopefully.

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