Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5 Reasons Why 2011 Is Awesome

1. Work
Extra income! HAHAHA I know I don't particularly like the work I'm doing but hey, money is money. Mukhang pera?! HAHAHA It's a decent pay for what I do.

2. Sony Walkman
I won one in an online contest by AXN. Oo, pumapatol ako sa contests. HAHAHA Not much but it feels awesome to win something! Though, i don't know what I'll do with it. HAHAHA

3. Travel
My known travel plans this year: HK/Macau by March, Beijing in April, Korea in June. Salamat sa airfare promos! HAHA Aside from this, my boss and I had a talk. I'll be parttime from Feb to March so that I have time to study. Actually, she doesn't appreciate that I have to leave work early for school! HAHAHA BUT, she promised me travel sa summer. Not Bora, Palawan, etc. But travel is travel. I'll go around our 31 villages around the country. Mind you, 3 lang dito ang Manila. Sana ituloy niya! Ay wait, 30 lang pala ang pwede ko puntahan. Sa Sulu yung isa. Scared.

4. Econometrics Test
I got the highest score in the Econometrics test! POTAH. So happy about this. Ako na mayabang sorry. HAHAHAHA Well, nobody knows really but those who read this coz I haven't told anyone. HAHA I expected to get a low grade but I got a good grade! YAY! So happy. haha Though, I had an unfair advantage. I got a copy of my professors powerpoint presentations and a sample test. Both of which my friend and I never shared to anyone. HAHAHA Competitive much? Ganun daw talaga eh.

5. Switzerland
I might go. Joke. Di ako nageexpect but surely hoping. HAHA I got an email today from a Leadership Seminar I applied for. I got in. Don't think this is prestigious! It's not! HAHAHAHA Around 1 thousand people got accepted, i think. Now, I need 3,000 Euros! Yes, 3,0000 Euros. :| I WILL NOT GO IF MY PARENTS PAY FOR IT. It's just no practical.

Though, there is hope! HAHA My dad works for government and knows people. And the government has "discretionary" funds for situations like mine. Shet. I hope I raise the 3,000 Euros!

When I told my dad that I got in and that I needed sponsors. He replied "Try natin. Sagot ko. Don't tell your mom I'll fund you." I said "NO, I won't go if we pay for it." He replied "Don't worry. *toot* will pay for it." I hope!!

When I told my mom about it "Ang laking amount niyan. Anong libre?" HAHAHA Oh, mom, so jologs. hahahaha

I'm not expecting but I really hope I raise the 3,000Euros. Shet ka, dad, pinaasa mo ako! :| HAHA


Anonymous said...

Grabe, sige, ikaw na ang mag aasian trip! HAHAHAHAHA at ... IKAW NA RIN ANG ECONOMETRICIAN! hahaha congrats! :P Also, anyareh na sa block trip? Pwede bang bohol/cebu nalang? Di na uuwi si Jay eh. Sad. Pero srsly, pinayagan ako sa bohol. O_o -A

Anonymous said...

IKAW NA MAGALING! Sabi na nga ba mataas ka sa Metrics! Kaw na 100! Kaw na dami puntahan! iwan mo na kami! :( (well, not that I'm staying in school.. but actually I am til May haha labo)