Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dreams and Aspirations

Before anything, blogging is really addicting. Shit. I can do this everyday. Read my blog posts often. I have so much to say.

Anyhoo, to get myself “inspired”, I thought about things that I want to live for.

1. Eat all the kinds bubblegum in the world
I love bubble gums. They make me feel at ease. Never fails me. I can chew on a gum for hours even though it doesn’t taste much anymore. Though, my jaws hurt afterwards.

2. Be a teacher
No, I don’t want to inspire children. I just think it’ll be interesting. I want to teach Asian History or Filipino at AHS only. But how the hell will I be able to do that with my major? I dunno. Haha
I’ll do this for 2 years max. But I’m seriously doubting this already because I wanna escape from all my friends and family. Though I'd still be contact friends and family when I'm out of the country, i want to be independent. I wanna start a new clean slate, which leads me to number 3.

3. Work abroad
Maybe immediately after I graduate, I’ll leave already. I want to work and live abroad where there is a very small Filipino community. If possible, none. I want to start new. Free from all the notions of the people around me of who I am and what I ought to be.
Don’t you feel the freedom when you travel alone and nobody knows you? Grabe. To die for. You can do absolutely anything you want.

4. Travel the world
It seems fun.

5. Have my own family
‘Nuff said.

6. Meet Alicia Keys, Fantasia, and Nicole Scherzinger.
Achievable. At least, they’re not yet dead yet.

7. Donate a building to the Economics department of Ateneo
(My Name) Economics Hall. Yuck. But I’ll try to do this.

8. Donate another building to AHS for Student Leadership
AHS has been so kind to me. I wanna give back. I’ll name it after Officer Jenny, my favorite office assistant ever: Officer Jenny Center for Student Leadership. Wow. She’d be so happy.

9. Buy my mom the car I promised her.
I promised to buy my mom a car with a bed in it when I was 5 years old. She’s been reminding me about this ever since. What was I thinking? An ambulance? K

10. Die happy. That’s my gift to myself.

Don’t take this post as a contract. Haha. I might even don’t remember this by tomorrow. How many of these can I actually fulfill by the time I cease to exist? 1 or 2.


Anonymous said...

naman ang swerte ni officer jenny!!! gandah niya kasi eh :p pero seriously ito: medyo malungkot din magstart anew. pero choice mo, di ba? at least baka pag umalis ka eh dun mo makita si alicia keys! gandah!!!! -snappingfergiebitch (na nakalimutan ang password :|)

Anonymous said...

Number 6!!!! GO AKO DYAN! :)) SAMA ME! :))

Anonymous said...

Samahan kita sa pagtravel sa buong mundo. Isa rin yun sa mga pangarap ko sa buhay. :D

idunnomyworld said...

Yo. Good luck naman. Wala bang clue kung sino kayo. haha