Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Found My Match

I am petulant. I don’t listen to other people’s advice. There’s only 1 person I listen to. She’s the one I talk to when I am down.

But recently, she’s been unavailable. I’ve tried talking to others. But no one can replace her. Sorry to all those that I bothered. Then, suddenly, from all of my friends, I talk to a college Freshman, the one who seems to be always jolly and carefree. I didn’t expect him to successfully appease me, even though it only lasted for a few hours.

In fairness to you, Freshman, I rarely listen to people’s advice but I took my time to digest your ideas. Maybe, that’s it. Maybe I’ve been living a life that’s so loud and “fun” that I can’t stand being alone with myself anymore. Maybe. That’s why these thoughts are running through my head.

Freshman, thank you for your patience. Haha. I really didn’t expect that you’d even try to appease me. And, yeah, I’ll try to do what you said: Manood ka ng dvd. Hahaha. And mag-isip ng mga aliw na bagay. Tapos be happy. And be… happy. Ewan.


Anonymous said...

I didn't imagine CF na ganyan. Nice. May pagka-trigger-happy din kasi siya.
"See yun siguro yung diff kasi pinipilit ko lagi maging masaya even if the world is giving me reasons not to be Nakanaman!! Haha."
Very CF lang. HAHAHA.

idunnomyworld said...

Pinabura niya nga yung mga text niya e. HAHAHA