Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where is happiness?

I've been absolutely bothered the past few days. Depressed, honestly.

It just suddenly dawned on me that there's no reason to be happy in this world. There's no reason to wake up and live my life. Living is just my way of sustaining my life. People say that having problems that keep you unhappy is better than having no reason to be happy. I find my situation worse because I am just helpless. I have no idea where i can find my happiness.

I've asked a lot of people what makes them happy? Friends. Family. Grades. Cars. Blah. Bull.
But what is left with you when all of these have gone? Nothing.

Maybe this is the dead-end that forced other people to let go. I've thought about it a lot the past few days because when there's no reason to be happy, it's just so easy to let go. And letting go is the easiest thing to do right now. But I won't. I know i won't. I hope I won't.

I hope this is just for now.


ayen said...
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Anonymous said...

Naalala ko yung lesson namin sa Theo about hope. We can't pin our hopes on anything in this world, kasi sooner or later, mawawala yun. Kay God lang pwede, kasi si God lang ang di mawawala ever.

Wala lang. Makikita mo rin ang magpapasaya sa 'yo. :)

525,600minutes said...

Then Happiness replied, "Where are you?"

snappingfergiebitch said...

ano ba ang nangyari sa buhay mo these past few months? i've always wanted to talk to you about these things but well mahirap na kitang mahagilap kasi medyo malayo ako, di ba? (so from this message and from the name, siguro naman kilala mo na ko :) )

nin said...
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taasngburol said...

i know you're strong:)

remember the things that made you happy noon :) be happy it happened to you. focus on the positive things :)

maybe you're just going through this phase kasi someting GREAT is bound to happen, and God made it so na ganito muna para when IT happens, you'll feel soooooo good about it :)

hang in there, friend :)

idunnomyworld said...

Nothing much has happened. I'm just expanding my POV of the world.

Anonymous said...

happiness is nowhere. coz the things (and the people) that make you happy can hurt you even more. (can you guess who I am? hahaha)