Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why did you have to go?

Ok. I miss you. I can't believe it.

Why did you have to leave when i needed you? I know we don't get along most of the time. My bad. I always shrug you off. But don't you realize that you keep me grounded and sane? Don't you realize that i need to talk to you now? I know you knew something was wrong with me before you left.

"What can make you happy? $400? *wink*", you asked me. I didn't respond. But you knew I wasn't happy. Still, you left. And, how come you didn't give me the $400 for China?! Now, i have to suck up to mom.

C'mon. Who the hell goes on a vacation for a month?? Well, my Daddy Dearest. North American tour amp.

Yesterday, he texted everyone in the family that he's lonely and that we should have gone with him. Duh. See who's lonely now?

Daddy Dearest, i miss your bitch fits. So here...

I bought 2 shopping bags full of snacks!
Mom is over feeding me like hell.
I drank a 1.5L bottle of soda yesterday!
I'm not eating my vegetables.
I had a fight with mom the other day.
I still am not eating fish. You know I hate fish.
I think kuya got into a car accident again. And mom has yet to notice.
I'm having fast food for lunch later.

Hahaha. He'd be so angry if he only knew these..


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you're eating now. :)

Eating properly, I hope. :))

Anonymous said...

oh my, totoo ba to? how sad :( - snappingfergiebitch

Anonymous said...

In the first 2 paragraphs, i thought you were talking about someone i know. Haha.