Sunday, December 28, 2008

Break’s Over for Me

I need to go back to the school mode again. There’s so much to do for school. Domdom just sent us the HW. Damn. I have no idea how to use Excel Data Analysis again. Actually, I’m not even sure if I need to use Excel to do it. Argh.

I also promised 2 professors that I’ll study over the break. Templo was complaining before the break began that no one will study over the break. I joked: “Mag-aaral na nga ako.” She heard me and gave me a salute. The photocopied readings’ worth 120php, go figure how many pages that is. Also, Sir George was also complaining that we won’t do our DS project over the break, “Class, you won’t do it over the break, right?” Being the joker that I am, I shouted “Wrong!” He gave me a high-five. Now, I have to fulfill these “promises.”

Furthermore, YES is having a logistical problem. I don’t think we can actually get 250 people to fill the Leong Auditorium. We were expecting 120 for heaven’s sake. Fart. Now, we need 250. I’m planning to use my HS “contacts” to fill Leong. I’m going to AHS as soon as classes start to persuade the TD/Eco teachers there to give incentives or require their students to go. I hope it works.

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