Monday, January 5, 2009

Appreciate It

As you all know from my previous entry, I've been stressed lately. hahaha

A friend saw me yesterday waiting to be picked-up from school. She noticed that I was stressed and "gloomy." She promised to deliver me food to perk me up and make me happy.

Today, she gave me all sorts of junk food. I really appreciate it. And munching on those with them made me forget all my stressors.

More, the world is trying to make my day better. More friends gave me food stuff to perk me up. I didn't even expect them. A blockmate gave me a candy cane, which I will eat later. And another blockmate, gave me a cup of coffee that she carried all the way from Starbucks, while walking to go school. It's as if the world wants me to be full of energy and happy.

I really appreciate it. Thanks, friends.

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