Friday, January 23, 2009


(Forgive me. I shall do Philo shit for this entry. I just can't help but feel pity for them.)

I was at the AEA room a while ago waiting for someone to have a consultation session with me. Band music started playing. The ever curious me stared outside the window. There was a going to be a parade of flags of different schools. A lot of the Ateneo staff were in Filipiniana costume to showcase those to our foreign visitors who came from various schools. Interesting. Then, rain started to pour. I thought that the parade would not push through. BUT NO... The people did not even bother to move and take cover from the rain. It was as if they were told not to move but I could see that they wanted to take cover because they were using the flags to cover themselves from the rain.

A few minutes later, rain still pouring and band still playing, the parade started to move. I couldn't believe it.

None of those under the rain probably wanted to push through with the parade, but to please the Presidents of other univesities, they needed to. Forced labor. I can't imagine how our foreign visitors would even enjoy the parade when you could tell that those parading were drenched and, certainly, not happy.

Literally, alienated labor happening inside the Ateneo. Sad.

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