Thursday, March 26, 2009


There are things in life that we get but we do not, honestly, deserve. I welcome such things because they make life a little better and easier. Today, I had my philo orals. I started to study only yesterday. 2 hours of lecture from my blockmates and 2 hours of "reviewing" my notes. That's the only time I devoted for my orals. I knew I would flunk it anyway.

Anyhoo, I was panicking terribly before the orals. I was preparing myself to tell my professor that I won't do the exam and to just give me an F. An F in the orals would mean a C+ for my final mark. I was so ready to tell him that.

BUT NO, I got the joker (for the 2nd time!!!!). It meant i could choose whatever thesis statement that I wanted to explain. Ofcourse, I chose the statement about Marx coz I've been studying Marxist Eco the whole semester. I did fine in my orals. Thank God.

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