Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Firo-B Test Results

We got our Firo-B test results during class a while ago. This test deals with how we interact with other people. I was so amazed by the results. We took it last July, i think. There was a series of situations and we were asked to choose what we were gonna do.

0-1 Very Low
2-3 Low
4-5 Average
6-7 High
8-9 Very High

Here's the summary my results:
n.b. Interpretation of guidance office score my interpretation


1. I make efforts to include other people in my activities and to get them to include me in their. I try to belong, to join social groups, to be with people as much as possible. 6
- Yes, I cannot stand being alone. Hahahaha. YES! I love being with people!!!
2. I want other people to include me in their activities and to invite me to belong, even if I do not make an effort to be included. 7
-SO invite me to your whatever's (lunch/ tambay/ dinner) haha
-I really appreciate it when people do invite me!

3. I try to exert control and influence over things. I can take charge of things and tell other people what to do. 9
- "Leadership skills" daw
- Control freak much. Hahaha.
4. I want others to control and influence me. 7
-I listen to other people's opinions. Naks. haha

5. I make efforts to become close to people.
I express friendly and affectionate feelings and try to be personal and intimate. 7
-I love to make people feel that i love them.
- If you're loved by me, you would know.
6. I want others to express friendly and affectionate feelings toward me. 2
-Basta. I get awkward.

AMAZING. This test really got me.

Those numbers are really high compared to my classmates. Most of them got 2's and 3's.

This test basically slapped me with the reality of who I am now. Wow.

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