Thursday, March 12, 2009


My blockmates and I decided not to go to Dev't Eco class today to protest against our professor because she hasn't returned the test we took last January 15, 2 months ago. The weird thing is that she brought it like 3 weeks ago but never gave it back. Then, promised last Tuesday that she'd give it back last Thursday and would give us plus 10 points if she didn't. She didn't. And she didn't give us the bonus points. Last Thursday, she told us that she'd leave it at the Eco Department on Saturday. She never did. She emailed us that she had an "emergency meeting" to go to and would just post our grades online. She never did.

Anyhoo, today, she gave it back, but I wasn't there to get my paper so I have to wait 4 more days to see my score. Fart. Worse, according to my classmates from that class, the professor told the class that "Kris" got the "highest" score. They all assumed it was me, but there are two Kris's in that class!! And I don't want to be disappointed if I weren't the right Kris she was pertaining too so I'm trying my best not to expect. haha

The excitement is killing me. 4 more days. haha

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