Monday, July 5, 2010

Chasing a Dream

HAHAHAHA. What a stupid title.

After all the drama of job "waiting", i'm back to job hunting. I started sending out my resume again last week and I expect this week to be a week of interviews again. True enough, I got 3 calls already: IBM, Toyota, and the Canadian Embassy.

IBM was a lost call. They called me up on my mobile but I couldn't hear what she was telling me. She called me up on the landline. I still couldn't hear her. "Ma'am, I think something's wrong with your phone." She told me that she'd just email me the details of the interview. She never did!

Yesterday morning, Toyota called. I had an interview at 8.30am on Thursday. They called up so early. That phone call woke me up. I was certainly drowsy when they were talking to me. I even wrote the details on my copy of the Last Lecture. Poor book. I slept again after the call.

When I woke up I checked my mail. I had an email from the Canadian Embassy. I have an exam with them on Thrusday, 8.30am as well. Ummmmmmm, same time. And i dunno what to do. I'm too shy to call Toyota to resched but I also wanna pursue Toyota.

The Canadian Embassy represents a dream. (Whut?!) While Toyota represents practicality. (Whut?) HAHAHAHA I mean, should I pursue the Canadian Embassy when I know that the chances of me getting a job there is very slim. I will lose my chance at Toyota if I go to the Embassy but it seems more plausible that I get a job with Toyota.

But no, I will go to the Embassy still. HAHAHAHA

I'll try to call up Toyota now. That is, if I find the courage to. HAHA

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