Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Being away from friends comes with a lot of difficulties. One of these: knowing when they're mad at you! Rarely do people tell you that they're mad/irritated/pissed at you. You won't know. You need to be extra-sensitive to figure it out. I rely on "patterns" to know when something is wrong. I know my friends so well that I know what to expect from them given certain circumstances. I don't wanna give too much details coz I don't want you to know if i'm checking our relationship. HAHA

The past week, I was involved in 2 misunderstanding. Amazingly, I detected them both easily. It's so difficult to talk to people when they're mad at you and you don't see him/her frequently. It's either you wait for a long time to meet the person and talk it through or you apologize through the wire.

I apologized both instances as soon as I confirmed it myself that something was wrong. The first one snubbed my apology and is giving me the cold treatment. I apologized twice already and I don't really mind anymore. It'll fix itself soon enough. The second one went well.

Right now, something is wrong with one my friend's pattern. I am not sure. Maybe i'm just interpreting it too much this time around. But hello, what did I do to you? Let me assume that you're just busy. Too busy to talk to me. Ouch.

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