Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I don't get why there's a water crisis in Manila! It's been raining pretty regularly lately. I heard in the news that the crisis is caused by too much water leakages thanks to broken water pipes or something. I've had enough of this water crisis! I'm going nuts already.

Wait, we do have water, btw. However, water pressure is too weak that it doesn't go up. It does not reach my room. My washroom does not have water. The faucets in it have not released a single drop since the storm. So that's roughly 6 days of being waterless. I have to fetch water all the way down from the basement. Ummm, 2 flights of stairs. Not easy at all. My arms hurt. SO, i use the water very, very, very wisely. HAHAHA

God, please let there be water. I appreciate it more now. I need it. I am tired of fetching for water. HAHA And, please help Maynilad/ MWSS fix their pipes. Thanks.

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