Saturday, February 28, 2009

Academic Low

Today, was the such a low point for Academics. I had my LT2 for Econometrics and I did terrible. 30 minutes into the test, I get a headache. I rested for a while. It doesn't want to go away. I continued with the test. I wasn't able to answer around 25 points worth.

As soon as i got out of the room, people were discussing the answer. Harboring my headache, I wasn't as pleasant. Worse, when I heard that my answers were sort of different than theirs, it made my head throb more. I left them. I roamed around school. I just decided to go home.

I hate it. I've been doing relatively well this semester until this. I've never felt so sad over acads this semester. I was a high C+ in Metrics and the exemption was only a B. Now, i'll see Domdom for sure in the finals. Fart!

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