Thursday, August 6, 2009

Late Bday Post

*I'll try to relive the feeling coz this post is two days late. haha

My day started with my mom knocking on my door. "Manganganak na ako!", she screams while opening my door. I gave the the WTF look. hahaha. Then, I realized she was reliving the moment of my birthday. Funny as hell.

Checked my phone for greeting. Damn. A lot of people greeted me in the wee hours of the morning. Do people still get enough sleep?

Anyhoo, went to school and didn't cut a single class. Weeeee.

Got some gifts from people. I love it. It feels so good that people really bother to think what you really want. I hate doing that because it is so difficult to do so. Thanks much.

After class, I went straight to the AEA room. It was so apparent that they were preparing a "surprise" for me. When I got there, people left to buy "something." And there were people doing some artsy-fartsy stuff. Noooo, people in AEA aren't like that. People in AEA are bums to death. HAHA I just pretended that I didn't know something was happening. Thanks for the surprise cake, balloons, and card, AEA!

I went home after that. We celebrated with a family dinner. Pretty simple. I was sad though that we weren't complete because my sister was still at work.

Next day is Block F Love Day.

We had ate dinner first. Fun as hell with all the hirits and weird stuff happening in my block. hahaha. Then, we played bowling. I suck at it. Then, G.I. Joe time. Love love love.

Happiness. I wish it was my birthday everyday.

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