Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hell weeks. Fuck. The coming weeks would be absolutely hell-ish.HAHA

This week:

Thesis 1st draft
We worked on it the whole weekend. We have yet to regress. We still need data. We're gonna die. Due Thursday. FUUUUUUUCK.

Praxis POTAHness
Our professor got so mad last week coz the French guy and German girl were fucking noisy. "Are you dumb?!", he asked them. HAHAHA. BUT NO, we're all affected. Because of that incident, he gave us extra readings and we'll have individual exercises every session (to make us listen in class more BULLSHIT)!

RenaiSOSS Week
Be in at least 1 SOSS activity per day. Party on Friday. Be at the org booth the whole week. Make people go to the activities. Unnecessary stressssssss.

Next Week
OSA Year-End Panel Meeting
1 hour to defend the org. I haven't even started to think about our presentation. Must do well in this. It's 25% of the final org grade. When will I have the time to do you??

Immersion Outline
7 page outline of our immersion presentation. What is that's like the whole report already??? It's 25% of our grade too. Bummer. We haven't even started "interpreting" our data.

Fr. David Paper
The 48-page minimum group paper.If we submit a 48-page paper, we'd get at most a D. Amazing. He expects to give him a 90-page paper. And how is that possible? I dunno.

The next 2 weeks will be ultra-mega-super stressful. God, help us.

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