Monday, January 18, 2010


The past 2 weeks have be fantastic. It feels like everything's back to normal. I'm back on the game, I feel it. HAHA

Yes, academics has been crazy, as expected. Thesis, Praxis, Theo orals, Chinese Film papers, Philo readingssssssssssss. But I handled everything relatively well coz I didn't cram. I studied over the Christmas break so they didn't pile up much.

Yes, org work has been crazy too. YES report. YES report. YES report. HAHAHA BV. Add to that the stress of Kamalaean that will be postponed thanks to such an efficient project head. Plus, Ateneo YES' lack of attendees. Deadz. But, we're still trying to fix things and everything, i hope, will turn out fine.

Yes, people are still dramatic. 'Nuff said.

BUT, I am happy no matter what. I'm just glad that everything seems normal (and fun and happy.)

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