Friday, January 22, 2010


This week has driven me to the extremes. Every single day of the week has given me reason to be super stressed out. And yet, all the hard work of the past weeks, have been paying off.

I feel like I'm doing well in acads. I got an A in my first Chinese film paper. I'm happy because my professor, Alejandrino, is kind of bitchy and has high standards. I got a 38 of 45 in my Praxis LT. I'm happy because I did good and better than i expected. I've been blessed enough that Fr. David has never picked on me throughout the semester.

And yet, for some reason, org life has been failing me. Monday, i found out that our org events needs to be moved to a later date. Tuesday, i desperately seek for more participants for another event. Wednesday, another org is claiming the venue of our event on Saturday. Super stress. Thursday, i thought we'd get a violation for posting an ad on the newspaper without prior approval of OSA. On top of these, i had to endure 8 individual consultations with me; some of which were really terrible.

I handled everything pretty well but one. I cannot disclose what happened but i was just irritated, irked, but mostly disappointed with how irresponsible some people can be. It's really, really, really irritating. I don't care if you have shit happening with you. I don't care if you have other responsibilities. You chose to take on all of these responsibilities. The least you could have done is to pretend to care. BV

Anyhoo, the coming week would be extremely busy. Thesis 1st draft is due on Thursday. Fr. David gave another set of readings for Tuesday worth 150php. Imagine how thick. He's also asking us to watch a movie. And, shit, it's SOSS week next week. Mega-busy.

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