Sunday, January 10, 2010


Ummm. What is super not productive?

I woke up last Saturday at around 10am and did nothing productive. I just watched some movies and had a family thing later that night. I was forced to go to the family thing coz my parents told me that I don't see my cousin anymore. So, i went. Of my 24 cousins in that side of the family, only 6 came. Weeeeeee. By 11pm I was already super sleepy so we decided to go home.

Sunday was JPES sportsfest day. It was okay. I really am not into sports so I didn't really enjoy it. HAHAHA It was nice seeing other Eco majors from other schools though. I know a lot of Eco majors pala. haha We lost in most games. But, i think, we won 2nd place in futsal. I wasn't able to watch the game coz I went home early. I slept first then read theo. I'm trying my best to do well in acads this sem! hahaha

Boring weekend.

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