Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brain Drift

I was on a texting rampage/blast today to promote the Project Hunt of AEA. I texted almost every AEA member on my phonebook.

I got a reply: "Haha. I'll apply! Whooot Whoot. Miss na kita."

"Yay! Miss na rin kita. GRABE.", I replied.

I just replied without thinking who I was talking to. When I realized that it didn't register to me who I was texting, I stopped. Unfortunately, it was sent already. Nakakahiya. Not that I don't miss the person but my reply sounded fake because we're not close. haha

Brain, please stop drifting away and thinking.


Anonymous said...

masama ang labis na pag-iisip. hehe

Anonymous said...

kulang nalang "mwahugs" eh. wahahahahaha jk jk jk