Friday, April 24, 2009

For Thy Thesis Partner

MUST never reach her. Kk?

I feel so blessed to have you around me. I know all the stress that you're undergoing now ("school"-related and otherwise). I perfectly understand if you would want to snap at me or something. But no, you respond to me with such an "awwwwwwww" and heart-warming message. I thought you would get pissed with all of my demands. But no, you understand me. I thought you would get tired of me and all of my "outbursts." But no, you are even fearing that you are maybe not doing good enough. I tell you, you are doing so well. You are doing so much better than everyone else. Better than me, in all honestly.

I never thought that you would exert soooooo much effort to keep things in order. I never thought that you could be that friendly. I never thought that you are soooooooo generous and kind. As you know, i always think of you as a stress-magnet. haha. BUT NO, you make my life so much better and definitely more fun.

Good luck with your endeavors. I know all the things that you want. I hope you get them. FAT CHANCE. Hahahaha. Kidding! Let's keep on hoping. I'll support and help you all the way.

For whatever the future may hold, do not fear. I'll be here to help you. We'll all be here for you.

You truly are special. And I am truly blessed to have you around me. Can't wait for thesis. Can't wait for after-college. This friendship is for keeps.

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