Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm Such a Good Catholic

I was all alone this weekend sorta. I didn't know my brother was here or, I think, he arrived Sunday from a beach trip. I dunno. We don't talk. I did nothing but download, watch, and play stuff online. I had no form of interaction with any human being coz: (a) we're helper-less now and (b) i was invi in ym. haha

Anyhoo, today, my family arrived from different places. My dad from Pampanga because he attended a wake and a burial. And the rest, from Bohol for a vacation. My mom asked me to bring to my room a cross made out of coconut leaves she brought from there. She said she had it blessed. I told her, "Ayaw ko nga. Multuhin pa ako. haha."

I went back to my room and surf-ed the net again. I read a blog of a friend who's in Singapore talking about palm leaves and how rare those are there. Then, I realized it was Palm Sunday yesterday. Dammit. No one reminded me. haha

Sorry Jesus. I'll remember next time.

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Anonymous said...

are you leaving the country during the summer break?