Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Block F 2010

There's nothing quite like you. HAHA

I went to school earlier to get my grad pics, return a borrowed book from a friend, and to tambay. The faces in school are freaking no longer familiar. HAHAHA Though, AEA people were still there to welcome me.

HOWEVER, if there's one thing I realized about going back to AEA is that it's just not the same without my blockmates. It was fun, yes, but it's just different. My block made AEA special. My block made AEA a happy place to be in. My block is the life of AEA. This is my biased opinion only! HAHA

My block ruled AEA. Yes, i still love those who remain in the Ateneo but my blockmates hold a special spot in my heart. They completed my Ateneo experience.

AEA's just not the same without my block.

(I watched the block vid I made that's why I miss my block! HAHA)

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