Sunday, June 13, 2010

Everything Reminds Me of You


As in, everything.

Ever since, everything went downhill last week. I've been trying to keep myself busy! I just love you too much to forget you. Joooooke.


I cleaned my room up last Thursday. I threw away school files. (Yes, this is part of moving on. HAHA Though, I kept small items like name tags and tickets, which, I know, in a month or so would just end up as clutter!) I vacuumed my entire room. I swept my floor. I cleaned my washroom. I wiped all of my books clean of dust. GOD. My room is soooooo dusty. I've never inhaled so much dust my entire life. HAHA Looking back, I dunno why it took me the whole day. It doesn't really seem much. I don't remember much of Thursday. I must have slept early.

I cleaned my room up because: my cousins/ uncles/ aunts are coming over! The original plan was they were gonna sleep for a night at our house. Just one night. HAHA Fun fun fun. Well, for them. Me? I was mostly emo. Okaaaaay. Joke (I think.)! I'm basically tasked to "entertain" my kid cousins. I love kids.

Something's wrong with my head tonight. Again, I don't remember much about Friday. HAHA I just ate a lot. For real, we had dinner 3 times at 3 different places. Gluttons!! And, a lot of chismis. Ugh. I'm so part of this family. Chismis is love. I kid! I kid! HAHA

Saturday? More uncles/aunts/cousins arrive. And that's not necessarily a good thing. HAHA We went to another house for more food. And that's all I remember. OMG. Brain, what is wrong with you?

Today, I ate a lot again. That's expected. They've all gone home already! I thought they'd stay til Monday! Good thing they went home already! I'm getting tired already of taking care of their kids! Literally, I was zombie by 4pm. My mom even noticed it. She told me, "It's hard to take care of kids noh? Imagine we took care of 4 at the same time!" Point taken.

I've been busy the past days. And, yet, I constantly find myself quietly thinking about you. Everything reminds me of you. From the footbridges that we passed by (WEIRD). The malls we've been to. The people we've talked about. The food we've shared. The artists that we like. The songs that you hate. Banks. EDSA. Chinese people. Anime. Biscuits. K-Pop. Babies. Soda. Bags. Shampoo. Billboards. All of these and more reminded me of you. Practically everything.

I hope I get over you soon. I don't wanna flee anymore but there's no point in fighting for you. There won't ever be an us. One sight of you and my world goes tumbling down. And you don't even know.

I shouldn't have gone back to school. Why did you have to go to school too? Joke. I was the one who shouldn't have been there! HAHA I blame you, my friends, for making me go! HAHAHA I'm getting better though!

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