Monday, June 28, 2010

Future Love

Dear Future Love,

Right now, my mind's a mess. My heart's in chaos and is very much lost. However, one thing keeps me going: the thought of you.

Thinking about you excites me. I may not know you yet (or I may not know yet that you are the one) but you keep me inspired to be better. I wanna be a better person so that I may deserve you. I wanna be better so that I can be with you. I wanna be better so that I can make you happy.

I am excited to fall in love with you. I am excited to meet you. I can imagine how I'd be so oblivious of the fact that you are my one. I am excited to be inspired by you. I am excited to be finally be able to be with the person I love the most. I am excited to build my family with you.

I am scared though. What if I don't meet you? What if I don't find the guts to own up the what i'll feel? What if? What if? I am full of those. However, I do hope that when I see you and when I realize that I love you, I can go up to you and say exactly what I feel because it's just too much to contain.

I wonder where you are know. What are you doing? Are you thinking about the future as well? Have I met you yet? Were you just right next to me? Where did you study? When will we meet? Will it be love at first sight? When will I know? Where are you from? Who are you?

I can't wait for the day that I make you read this letter that I made especially for you. When that day comes, I know then that I am ready to settle down.

Even though I don't know who you are, I love you already. I've waited for you my whole life. I know you're worth the wait.

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