Tuesday, June 15, 2010


HAHAHA. No more emo post for now!

I'm on a Martha Stewart (WTF?) mode today. My parents did not leave good food for me today. They left calamares swimming in its own ink (The usual filipino viand! I dunno what it's called) and fried fish. Booooo. I didn't want to eat either. Soooooo. I decided to cook my own food. HAHA Hassle!

1) Custard aka Flan

LECHE. Fail. I've been planning to cook it since I watched on TV how to cook it. It looked simple and i knew it tasted so damn good. It thought it was easy. BUT NO. The mixing part was easy. Mix egg yolks, condensed milk, milk, and vanilla. That's it. I did that pretty well. The hard part is the actually cooking. I dunno! There must have been a way to do it properly. The flan poofed up! :| It was not smooth and flat. I threw it away! Waste!

2. Thai Iced Tea
This one real easy to and yumm-o. It's just tea and condensed milk. I bet my version is a simplied version but it tastes divine! Yummy! HAHA

3. Calamares Rings
Looks easy but it took a LOT of effort to make. I didn't know that calamares have that much ink! I had to remove all that ink! I had to remove the squid's skin! I had to remove all the guts! I had to cut it into stips! I had to dredge it in flour, milk, and bread crumbs. And then fry it. Huzzle. And, I cheated. I used MSG. Ma-umami. HAHA

I fried it perfectly!! As in, goldren brown to perfection. HAHA It turned out fine! I say thanks to the MSG. HAHA

This is part of independent living. Cooking your own food. However, I had to wash all the dishes I used. I just felt like I had to.

5 plates
3 small bowls
2 small bowls
2 knives
3 spoons
2 forks
1 saucer
1 pot
1 frying pan.

I washed all of those. NOT. HAHA I only washed the plates and bowls. I got tired and left the rest for somebody else to wash. Hassle!

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