Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Last Sunday, a friend im-ed me if I knew where the Pasig Business Park is. No. I don't know where it is. I said I can check google maps to help them locate it.

And then, my friend told me that I should go with them. I was like "I don't know where it is." He insisted so that "you can see us!" He obviously knows that I miss them. I know he just missed me that's why he insisted (Conceited much HAHAHA). Hello? I don't know the place and I don't even drive. What can I possibly contribute to going there? HAHA But, still, I said yes.

Anyhoo, yesterday, using Google maps alone as my guide, we drove all the way to Pasig in search of that Business Park. We got lost bad. We reached Cainta for heaven's sake! HAHA I totally blame the streets; not us. hahaha. For more, the "Business Park" is not so business-y. It's located in a residential area! We finally found it soon enough. And we got fooled also by the people in that warehouse!

After getting the goods, we went back to school and had dinner (lunch for me!) and dessert along Katipunan. God. I missed Katipunan. But, in all honestly, i missed my friends more. I wanted to spend more time with them but we all had to go home. Actually, no, I didn't. But yeah. I really wished we spent more time together. They insisted however that I go to an AEA activity the following day.

That night. It all sank it. I got sad all over again about missing friends. I texted him that "I shouldn't be doing this. Going back to school and all. Nalulungkot lang ako e."

I was scared. I was apprehensive to spend more time with them. I knew I'd want more! I knew that I'd just be depressed all over again if I go. I knew that I'd just feel sad.

BUT NO, today, I went to the AEA activity and spent the whole time with them again.

And, as expected, I feel sad.

My question really is: When's the next time? I am, honestly, hoping soon but I'm expecting it wouldn't happen anytime soon.

When will I see you again?

When can I hug you again?

I just gave out lots of warm and long hugs because I knew I probably wouldn't see them in months or ever. Oh. The thought is scaring me. But, if I was able to do it the past 2 months, I can do it in the next months too!

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