Sunday, June 27, 2010


I call this the new-rich syndrome. HAHA

My mom is a diva (especially to those below her.) We almost always argue about this. I hate it when she acts such a diva towards waiters/ maids/ drivers. I hate it most especially when these people are really nice and accomodating. I only act like a hustler (coz Beyonce says that nah-nah-nah diva is a female version of a hustler HAHAHA) when these people are rude.

Last Tuesday, my mom was sort of a diva when we were getting pizza at Eastwood.

"Hoy!" she called Manager.

"Mom! That's the manager!!!", I told her.

"Hayaan mo nga siya.", my mom replied.


"May condiments ba yan? Asan na yung condiments?!", demanded my diva mom.


I can't explain it well. I just hate it when people are snotty to people they know are below them.

Anyhoo, today I met a diva bigger than my mom. WATTA BITCH. My family was out for deenah when i met this diva. The instance I saw her face, I knew she was a diva. She was kinda pretty but she gave such a bitchy look.

"You told me 15 mins. It's been 15mins. Where's my food?!" Acceptable still.

Her food arrived. "Why are you so slow?! This is such a bad place." Getting a little irritating.

"Can you reply the plastic bag? Look at it! It's so oily!"

"Why did you take so long?! I'm never gonna it here again!"

I HATE DIVAS. I wanted to tell her to shut the fuck up!!

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"Can you reply the plastic bag? Look at it! It's so oily!"