Friday, September 18, 2009

Academic Update

I'm freaking scared of my Theo grade. Yeah, I failed the Midterm Orals and I failed two of 3 quizzes. The Midterms is worth 20% of my final mark and the quizzes are worth 30%. Oh no. God, make a way please for me to pass.

Aside from that, I'm doing okay with the other classes. I'll probably get B/ B+'s for my Eco electives (if the theory is correct that Beja really loves me HAHA.)I'll likely get a C+ for Philo (I know, it's a sad turn of events esp after Pasco.) Then, for Histo, at least a B is fine with me. And a B+ for Polsci, hopefully (really depends on our final paper.)

So, point is: I'm doing okay except for Theo and I am not exerting any effort to make things better. HELP.

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