Thursday, September 24, 2009


Waking up every morning has been such a chore. I hate waking up now. I don't want to go to school lately. I have been attending 1 class per day and most of the time they're not worth going to. For example, today, I went to class just to get the results of my Histo LT. That's it. I had nothing else planned for the day. But no, I still had to wake up early and go to school because she has an exemption policy. You forfeit your exemption if you cut more than 3 times. BV.

Also, there's just no reason to go to school. It's been so monotonous and I just want to end this sem just to see if the next one will be better. And I, certainly, need rest. C'mon mamon.

I just hope next sem will be better. I want more exciting sem. I don't want it difficult; I want it heavy and challenging. That sentence didn't sound like me. haha

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