Sunday, September 27, 2009

Random Ish

I've had this drawer in my room that has failed to open since May/June. The key just doesn't work. I've been trying to open it since forever using all means possible. I was desperate to open it. I had nothing to do so I forced it open with a pair of scissors. I hacked the scissors in the keyhole like crazy. Then, I tried the key. It worked. Weeeeeee. I got it open.

Anyhoo, I saw my 2008 journal inside. What do I do when I see my journal? Read every freaking page and detail. So much memories in there.

"____ texted me in the middle of the night just to tell me that she misses me."
"Lonely-alone day. :|"
"I was so happy to see them. :D"
"RockBand Funnnnnnnnnnnn. I love the Freshmen. Though, I cut Philo, again. :|"
"1st sem finals week: I'm so depressed. Everyone is depressed."
"Somebody misses me. And the feeling is mutual."

I got myself depressed.

The typhoon is driving everyone crazy. Nope, our house wasn't flooded. Oddly, it was reported on the radio that houses in our subdivision are all flooded. Anyhoo, we didn't have cable and net by midday with sudden electricity fails in the afternoon.

Here's how it affected us:
My sister is stuck in a friends house.
Our house in Makati is flooded. The 1st floor is submerged apparently in flood water.
My other sister didn't go to school because Commonwealth was impassable.
My uncle is stuck in a bldg. in Pasig.
The flood inside my other uncle's house is supposedly 10 feet deep. And they stayed in the 2nd floor of the house despite our invitations early in the morning to stay at our home.

I hope you're all safe.

My theme song of the weekend: Simple Plan's Welcome to My Life

I wanna help but my mom is not allowing me to go to Ateneo. Fart. And no classes til tomorrow. So frustrating.

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