Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Making People Matter

I went to Ateneo today to help out in the Task Force Ondoy. I did a lot but not much compared to the other people. And I complained a lot. I'm sorry! I was there 10am-10.30pm. I'm really tired now. And, no, I'm not claiming that I worked all that time. A lot of time was spent on eating and sitting down doing nothing. haha

Anyhoo, we had dinner by 8pm and went back by 9pm. By 9pm, I was too tired to work. I had no energy left to do anything. I sat on the sidelines with a friend. I complained that I feel that I no longer matter. I can just graduate and nobody would bother to care. Nothing would change if I suddenly disappear. Everything would be normal. But, this post is not about that. She asked me if I made feel the people who matter to me that they matter?

No. I think I rarely show that I care. I'm too busy complaining about my life. I'm too everywhere to notice things. I'm too busy busying myself with things that don't really matter. I'm too boxed by what my notion of care or love is.

From today on, I'll try to make you feel that you matter to me.

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