Friday, September 4, 2009

Eco of Love

I was asked by a blockmate if I wanted to write an article for AEA's mag. I was kinda not into it until i jokingly said that I wanted to write about love. And I got so excited. haha.

I started writing the article already. It feels so good to write about something that you are interested in. It came so effortlessly. I love it. I applied the 3 economic perspectives: Mercantilist, Liberal, and Structuralist. The Liberal perspective kinda sucks. I love the mercantilist perspective on love! Wait for the article. I love it. I'm not yet done though. I was too sleepy to finish it last night.

Also, I have a lot to do this coming week: polsci final paper on Mar Roxas, IPE European recommendation paper, and the Midyear presentation. I can't even start my papers for my classes. They're so boring.

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