Friday, September 11, 2009


This semester has been incredibly fast. I didn't even notice it passby. I guess the problem is that it was so normal and steady that I didn't bother to stop and reflect. I started counting the months again last night.

I only have:
0 days of IPE and Polsci (Done with 2 classes already!)
3 days before I deliver the biggest report of the semester.
3 sessions before CapDev is over.
1 final semestral break.
1 month before the semester ends.
2 months before I start thesis.
3 full months left of being president (elections will happen by January.)
4 months 'til Christmas.
5 months 'til a new year.
6 months of academic life.
7 months til graduation.

Where will I be after 7 months? I dunno. That's when the monotony ends and the chaos begins. I guess, in 7 months, it's time again to begin another scheme of monotony?

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