Monday, May 10, 2010

YM etiquette

As you may know already, I’m forever invisible in YM. I’m only visible when I have to be and/or when I need to make a statement stat a.k.a. “parinig.” I just don’t like to be bothered by people that I am not close to. I just find it awkward trying to sustain the conversation. I just want to be bothered by people whom I like: people who know that I’m always invi.
Here are things that I notice about my relationship with YM:
1. I hate people who reply slowly.
2. I wanna be the the priority convo. HAHAHA Don’t talk to anybody else when you’re talking to me coz this leads to slow replies. And I just hate the feeling of not being the priority. HAHA Conceited much.
3. As much as I can, I try to talk to people one at a time. It makes the experience more pleasurable.
4. I love receiving “are you there?” and “invi?” messages.
5. If I don’t reply in YM, message me on FB! I don’t linger in YM.
6. I don’t like occasional invi people! HAHAHA I’m invi. You’re invi. How will I know you’re there? And it’s hard to look for people’s names in the contact list.
7. I hate trying to sustain conversations.
8. I don’t know how to say goodbye properly. Sometimes I make up things just so I can go ahead. Sometimes I’m just blunt and say “Okay. This convo is getting contrived! Talk to you soon!” Or sometimes I just don’t reply anymore. But I hate doing that to people who are really courteous and say goodbye properly.
9. I don’t know when “away”, “busy”, and “DND” are for real so I totally disregard them if I really like the person I’m going to talk to.
10. For some reason, people reply less when you have conferences. And I always end up being the one who tries to sustain it, which I hate.
11. YM group meeting never work. At least, I’m done with this. HAHA
12. A “haha” reply with nothing accompanying it is a sign of dying/ dead convo.

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