Saturday, May 15, 2010

Block "Reunion"

Last night was the first time we've seen each other since Graduation. Though, I've seen some of them over summer for lunches/dinners, it was really a happy night.

Since I wanted to avoid Makati traffic and congestion, I went to there early at around 6pm. I met up with one of them who was off early too. We just went around Glorietta to let time pass. An hour or so later, more of my blockmates came.

It was undeniable that we missed each other. I actually saw how people's face lit up when we saw each other. Smiles were huge. Hugs were exchanged. It was a genuine moment of happiness. HAHA Emo?

We had dinner at Greenbelt and reminisced about college. It was more like remembering the stupid moments in college so we can mock each other. HAHA We were also trying to fix an out of town trip for the coming weekend. We finished dinner by 10.30pm.

We went to Eastwood to have some drinks but ended up playing bowling. I didn't know that the lanes were open til 2am(?)! They had a dj and drinks there too. And complete with disco lights and glow in the dark pins and balls. Coolness. I really had fun bowling though I totally sucked at it.

When I heard that one of my blockmates was sleeping over at another's house, I immediately called up my mom and asked permission to sleepover too. She agreed. Yipee! We left the lanes at 2am, i think.

We went to our blockmates house and just waited for time to pass. We talked about how friendships and the future. It was emo but very cathartic. HAHA By 6am, we left the house to have breakfast. By 7am, we were on our separate ways.

Ugh. I had so much fun!! I hope our plans for next week realize!

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